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Discover the Hidden Treasures: Best Beaches for Sea Glass Hunting

The Best Beaches for Finding Sea GlassIf you’re a fan of unique and beautiful treasures from the sea, then you’ll love the experience of hunting for sea glass. These smooth, colorful pieces of glass are formed when broken glass bottles and jars are tumbled in the waves and transformed into hidden gems.

In this article, we will explore three of the best beaches for finding sea glass: Nantasket Beach, Pavilion Beach, and Devereux Beach. Whether you’re a seasoned sea glass enthusiast or a beginner just starting your collection, these beaches are sure to delight you with their abundance of sea glass.

1. Nantasket Beach

Nantasket Beach, located just south of Boston in Hull, Massachusetts, is a popular destination for sea glass enthusiasts.

Known for its gentle waves and beautiful sandy shores, Nantasket Beach offers a picturesque setting for sea glass hunting. Here, you can spend hours walking along the shore, scanning the sand for glimmers of sea glass.

– Nantasket Beach is home to a wide variety of sea glass colors, including vibrant blues, greens, and even rare reds. The diversity of glass colors found here is a testament to the area’s rich history of glass manufacturing and use.

– The best time to search for sea glass at Nantasket Beach is during low tide, when more of the beach is exposed and the chances of finding hidden treasures are higher. Try to plan your visit accordingly for the best results.

– In addition to sea glass, Nantasket Beach is also known for its stunning coastal views and charming beach town atmosphere. After a day of sea glass hunting, treat yourself to a delicious seafood meal at one of the nearby restaurants or take a leisurely stroll along the boardwalk.

2. Pavilion Beach

Another top contender in the sea glass hunting scene is Pavilion Beach, located in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

This small, picturesque beach offers a serene and peaceful environment for collecting sea glass. – Pavilion Beach is a true treasure trove for sea glass enthusiasts.

Visitors have reported finding an abundance of sea glass pieces, ranging from small, smooth pebbles to larger, more ornate glass fragments. This beach is ideal for both beginners and experienced collectors.

– The best time to visit Pavilion Beach for sea glass hunting is after a storm or high tide, when the waves churn up the sand and reveal hidden gems. Keep an eye out for areas where the water recedes, as this is often where the most sea glass can be found.

– While collecting sea glass, be sure to also take in the breathtaking views of Gloucester Harbor. This bustling fishing port is filled with charm and history, making your visit to Pavilion Beach a truly memorable experience.

3. Devereux Beach

Our final recommendation for sea glass enthusiasts is Devereux Beach, located in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

This beautiful beach is well-known for its calm waters and peaceful ambiance, making it the perfect spot for a relaxing day of sea glass hunting. – Devereux Beach is renowned for its abundant sea glass supply.

Visitors have found a wide array of glass colors and shapes along its shores. From tiny, perfectly round pieces to larger, more intricate fragments, there is something for every collector at Devereux Beach.

– The best time to search for sea glass at Devereux Beach is during low tide, when the receding water leaves behind a vast expanse of sand to explore. Take your time and enjoy the tranquility of this hidden gem along the Massachusetts coastline.

– After your sea glass hunt, take a stroll along the enchanted streets of Marblehead. This historic town is filled with charm and boasts beautiful architecture.

Treat yourself to a delicious meal at one of the local eateries or indulge in some shopping, rounding out a perfect day by the sea.


Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a beginner in the world of sea glass, exploring the beaches mentioned in this article is sure to be an exciting and rewarding experience. Nantasket Beach, Pavilion Beach, and Devereux Beach offer unique settings and abundant sea glass supplies, ensuring a memorable adventure for all.

So grab your bucket and sunscreen, and embark on a sea glass hunting journey that will leave you with beautiful, one-of-a-kind treasures from the sea. Happy hunting!

The Best Beaches Near BostonLiving in a bustling city like Boston doesn’t mean you have to be far from beautiful sandy shores and refreshing ocean waters.

In this article, we will explore three of the best beaches near Boston: Pleasure Bay, Revere Beach, and Constitution Beach Park. Whether you’re looking for a quick escape from the city or a relaxing day at the beach, these destinations are sure to provide you with sun, sand, and sea.

1. Pleasure Bay

Located in South Boston, Pleasure Bay is a hidden gem that offers a tranquil and picturesque beach experience.

With its stunning views of the Boston skyline and calm waters, Pleasure Bay is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. – As one of the most popular beaches near Boston, Pleasure Bay offers a wide range of activities for beachgoers.

Whether you want to go swimming, sunbathe, or enjoy a beach picnic, this beach has you covered. – The beach is well-maintained and features clean sands, making it an ideal spot for families with children.

Lifeguards are also on duty, providing an additional layer of safety for swimmers. – Pleasure Bay is surrounded by beautiful parkland, making it a perfect place for a leisurely stroll or a bike ride.

The adjacent Castle Island also offers historical significance and an opportunity to explore Fort Independence, a historic fort dating back to the Revolutionary War. 2.

Revere Beach

With its long stretch of sandy shoreline and lively atmosphere, Revere Beach is another top choice for beach enthusiasts near Boston. Located a short distance north of the city, it is easily accessible for those looking to soak up the sun and enjoy the ocean breeze.

– Revere Beach is the oldest public beach in the United States, dating back to 1896. Its rich history and vibrant atmosphere make it a must-visit destination for those seeking a unique beach experience.

– The beach boasts a carnival-like atmosphere, especially during the summer months. Visitors can enjoy amusement rides, arcades, and a variety of delicious food options along the beachfront, making it a perfect spot for a fun-filled day with family and friends.

– Revere Beach hosts various events throughout the year, including sand sculpting competitions, beach concerts, and fireworks displays. These events add an extra layer of excitement and entertainment to your beach visit.

3. Constitution Beach Park

Located in East Boston, Constitution Beach Park is a hidden oasis that offers a serene beach experience away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

With its calm waters and beautiful sandy shores, it provides a peaceful retreat for those seeking a relaxing day by the sea. – Constitution Beach Park is unique in that it features a beautiful outdoor swimming pool in addition to its sandy beach.

This makes it an ideal destination for those who prefer pool swimming but still want to enjoy the beach atmosphere. – The park also offers amenities such as a playground, picnic areas, and walking paths, making it a great spot for a family outing or a leisurely stroll.

The nearby Belle Isle Marsh Reservation provides an opportunity for birdwatching and exploring nature trails. – Constitution Beach Park is easily accessible via public transportation, making it a convenient choice for both locals and tourists alike.


When it comes to finding the best beaches near Boston, Pleasure Bay, Revere Beach, and Constitution Beach Park should be at the top of your list. Each beach offers its own unique atmosphere and activities, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable beach experience for all.

So pack your sunscreen, grab your beach towel, and escape the city to these beautiful sandy shores just a stone’s throw away. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or simply a quick retreat from the city, these beaches near Boston have everything you need for a perfect beach day.

In conclusion, the article has explored three of the best beaches near Boston: Pleasure Bay, Revere Beach, and Constitution Beach Park. These beaches offer a range of experiences, from tranquil and picturesque settings to lively atmospheres with amenities and entertainment.

Whether you seek relaxation, fun, or a quick escape from the city, these beaches are easily accessible and provide a perfect day by the sea. Take the opportunity to explore these sandy shores, enjoy the ocean waters, and create lasting memories.

So grab your beach essentials and embark on a beach adventure near Boston that will leave you refreshed, rejuvenated, and longing for more.

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