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The Unforgettable Impact: Legendary Animal Super Bowl Commercials

Title: The Impact and Memorable Moments of Super Bowl CommercialsAs the Super Bowl approaches each year, football fans and non-fans alike eagerly anticipate the game for various reasons. Some look forward to the thrilling plays and competitive spirit on the field, while others eagerly await the creative and often unforgettable commercials that air during the highly coveted Super Bowl ad slots.

In this article, we will explore the impact of Super Bowl commercials and delve into some standout animal-themed ads that have captured the hearts of viewers in recent years.

Super Bowl commercials and their impact

Anticipation and reach of Super Bowl commercials

Super Bowl commercials are widely anticipated due to the historic, enormous audiences they attract. With millions of viewers glued to their screens, advertisers recognize the unparalleled opportunity to showcase their brands to a massive and diverse audience.

The anticipation for these ads is so great that many viewers tune in specifically for the commercials, making them an integral part of the Super Bowl experience. – Super Bowl commercials are anticipated by viewers because they often feature celebrity endorsements, groundbreaking visual effects, and heartwarming or humorous storylines.

– The reach of Super Bowl commercials extends beyond the game day itself, as they become topics of conversation on social media platforms and watercooler discussions. – Advertisers capitalize on this anticipation by strategically releasing teasers and sneak peeks of their commercials beforehand to generate buzz and maximize their impact.

Competition and creating buzz-worthy ads

With such a large audience, the competition to create attention-grabbing and memorable Super Bowl ads is fierce. Advertisers aim to captivate viewers’ attention within the short duration of the commercial and leave a lasting impression that lingers long after the game is over.

– Advertisers employ various strategies such as humor, emotion, and storytelling to connect with viewers on a personal level. – Memorable Super Bowl commercials are often accompanied by catchy jingles or slogans that stick in the minds of consumers.

– Companies invest significant resources in market research and creative development to ensure their ads stand out among the clutter of commercials that fill the Super Bowl breaks.

Standout animal commercials

Budweiser “The Clydesdales Brotherhood,” 2013

One significant aspect of Super Bowl commercials is the use of animals to evoke emotions and establish connections with viewers. One of the most iconic animal-themed commercials in Super Bowl history is Budweiser’s “The Clydesdales Brotherhood” ad, which aired in 2013.

– The commercial showcases the beautiful Clydesdale horses, highlighting their strength, grace, and mutual bond. – Through a heartwarming narrative, the ad tells the story of a Clydesdale horse and a young colt growing up together and eventually reuniting during a parade.

– The commercial successfully tugs at viewers’ heartstrings, evoking feelings of nostalgia, friendship, and the importance of shared experiences. Coca Cola “Polar Bears Superstition,” 2012

Another animal-themed Super Bowl commercial that left a lasting impact on viewers is Coca Cola’s “Polar Bears Superstition” ad from 2012.

– In this playful and friendly commercial, Coca Cola portrays the beloved polar bears engaging in various superstitious behaviors while observing a football game on TV. – Viewers are enchanted by the animated characters, each displaying their unique personalities while sharing Coca Cola bottles.

– The ad successfully creates a lighthearted and relatable narrative, making viewers feel connected to the adorable polar bears and associating Coca Cola with joyous moments. Conclusion (Do not write):

More Standout Animal Commercials

Doritos “Flamin Hot Push It,” 2022

When it comes to creativity and humor in Super Bowl commercials, Doritos has consistently delivered. In 2022, Doritos introduced us to their “Flamin Hot Push It” ad, which featured a variety of animals in a jungle setting.

The commercial begins with a group of animals, including a sloth, gathering around a mysterious red bag of Doritos. As soon as the bag is opened, an iconic hip-hop track, “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa, starts playing, setting the tone for the memorable and energetic ad.

The animals, often associated with being slow and lazy, suddenly transform into hip-hop dancers, grooving to the beat with incredible moves. From an orangutan spinning on its head to a cheetah breakdancing, each animal showcases its unique style, resulting in a visually stunning and highly entertaining spectacle.

This Doritos commercial effectively combines humor, music, and unexpected twists to create a lasting impression. By featuring animals engaging in activities they are not typically associated with, Doritos breaks the mold, challenging viewers’ expectations and leaving them with a smile on their faces.

Pedigree “Get a Dog!” 2009

In 2009, Pedigree took a light-hearted and humorous approach to encourage dog adoption with their “Get a Dog!” Super Bowl commercial. The ad emphasizes the joy and companionship that comes with owning a dog while cleverly appealing to pet lovers’ sense of humor.

The commercial begins with a narrator sharing heartwarming stories of a man who adopted a dog and found newfound happiness and purpose. However, as the narrator continues, the tone shifts dramatically, highlighting the unconventional “benefits” of owning a dog.

Amidst funny visuals and quirky scenes, the ad suggests that owning a dog can lead to chaos and unexpected situations. From dogs interrupting couples’ romantic moments to causing mischief in the office, the commercial playfully highlights the humorous side of dog ownership.

Despite showcasing the challenges, the underlying message remains clear the joy and love dogs bring to our lives far outweigh any chaos they may create. By using humor and relatable scenarios, Pedigree successfully captures viewers’ attention and encourages them to consider adopting a dog.

This light-hearted approach effectively engages audiences while promoting a worthwhile cause.

Animal-themed Commercials with a Twist

Honda “Ridgeline,” 2016

Honda’s 2016 Super Bowl commercial for their Ridgeline truck took viewers on a musical journey featuring a lively flock of sheep and the iconic song “Somebody to Love” by Queen. The commercial starts with a group of sheep farmhands using the Ridgeline’s truck bed audio system to play “Somebody to Love” by Queen.

As the music plays, the sheep’s baa-ing magically syncs with the song, creating a unique and captivating spectacle. The sheep’s synchronized baa-ing becomes a mesmerizing performance, captivating both the farmhands and viewers at home.

The ad cleverly showcases the innovative audio system in the Ridgeline truck while demonstrating Honda’s commitment to creativity and unexpected twists. This surprising and delightful twist leaves a lasting impression, associating Honda with innovation and entertainment.

FedEx “Carrier Pigeons,” 2008

In 2008, FedEx delivered a comical and memorable commercial featuring carrier pigeons to emphasize the importance of reliable and fast mail and shipping services. The commercial starts with an executive announcing a new shipping initiative involving carrier pigeons.

The pigeons are seen delivering packages with precision and efficiency until chaos ensues when the pigeons revolt against their human counterparts. The humorous ad showcases the absurdity of using carrier pigeons as a means of shipping while effectively reminding viewers of the convenience and reliability of FedEx’s services.

By presenting an exaggerated scenario and highlighting the comical aspects of carrier pigeon deliveries, FedEx successfully positions themselves as a reliable and modern shipping option. In conclusion, Super Bowl commercials have a significant impact on viewers, attracting enormous audiences and creating buzz and anticipation.

Animal-themed commercials often stand out due to their ability to evoke emotions and establish connections with viewers. Whether through heartwarming stories, witty humor, or unexpected twists, these commercials successfully leave a lasting impression and entertain audiences worldwide.

Animal-themed Commercials with a Relatable Aspect

Subaru – “Dog Tested, Dog Approved,” 2016

In 2016, Subaru captured the hearts of dog lovers everywhere with their endearing and relatable “Dog Tested, Dog Approved” commercial. This series of ads depicted dogs behaving in humorous yet relatable ways, showcasing the bond between humans and their canine companions.

The commercial begins with a family getting ready for a road trip. As they pile into their Subaru, their adorable puppy climbs into the driver’s seat, eagerly ready to take on the open road.

The concept of a puppy driving may seem laughable, but it effectively appeals to dog owners who understand the deep connection they have with their pets. Throughout the commercial, various scenarios unfold, highlighting humorous and relatable moments that resonate with dog owners.

From dogs stubbornly refusing to get out of the car to one using its paws to adjust the rearview mirror, these scenes elicit laughter and warmth from viewers. Subaru’s “Dog Tested, Dog Approved” ad campaign strikes a balance between relatable and aspirational.

While viewers can see themselves in the situations depicted, they are also reminded of the adventures and cherished memories that come with owning a dog. The commercial effectively leverages this relatability, positioning Subaru as a brand that understands and celebrates the special bond between humans and their furry friends.

By incorporating dogs into their advertising, Subaru taps into the emotional connection people have with their pets. Dog owners often consider their furry companions as part of their family, creating a deep sense of loyalty and relatability.

Subaru’s commercial not only showcases their vehicles but also portrays the brand as one that caters to the unique needs and lifestyles of dog owners. The use of animals in advertising, especially beloved pets like dogs, allows viewers to connect on a personal level.

By using relatable scenarios, Subaru’s commercial reminds viewers of the joy, companionship, and sometimes humorous moments that come with owning a dog. This relatability creates an emotional bond between the brand and its audience, fostering loyalty and positive associations.

Moreover, Subaru’s “Dog Tested, Dog Approved” campaign resonates with dog lovers beyond the Super Bowl. The commercials became viral sensations and were widely shared on social media platforms, sparking conversations and further establishing Subaru’s reputation as a brand that understands and celebrates their target audience’s values and interests.

In conclusion, Subaru’s “Dog Tested, Dog Approved” commercial is a shining example of how animal-themed ads can resonate with viewers on a relatable level. By incorporating dogs, a beloved pet for many people, Subaru taps into the emotional connection dog owners have with their pets.

Through relatable scenarios and humorous moments, Subaru positions itself as a brand that not only provides reliable vehicles but also understands and celebrates the unique bond between humans and their furry companions. This approach not only creates a lasting impression during the Super Bowl but also fosters a strong connection that extends well beyond game day.

In conclusion, Super Bowl commercials, particularly those featuring animals, have a significant impact on viewers. These ads are highly anticipated, reaching enormous audiences and creating buzz and anticipation.

Animal-themed commercials, whether through heartwarming stories, humor, unexpected twists, or relatable scenarios, leave a lasting impression and foster emotional connections with viewers. They tap into our emotions, reminding us of the joy, companionship, and relatable moments that come with pet ownership.

These commercials not only entertain but also evoke powerful emotions, ensuring that they remain a memorable part of the Super Bowl experience.

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